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CEPANI is the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation. After its foundation in 1969, CEPANI’s reputation has steadily grown over the years and it is now the main centre for dispute resolution in Belgium. CEPANI assists parties in dispute with all their arbitration and mediation proceedings by creating the right legal and administrative framework.

CEPANI needs your experience in arbitration for a survey commissioned by the European Parliament! Read more:



15 May 2014
ING Auditorium Marnix, Av. Marnix 24 / Marnixlaan 24, 1000 Brussel / Bruxelles
12.15 – 18.00
16 May 2014
Chambre Arbitrale de Milan, Via Meravigli 9/b - 20123 Milan
9:30 - 16:30
17 Jun 2014
VBO/FEB - Room Victor Horta
10h00 - 12h30

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17 Apr 2014

We wish to appeal to your experience in the field of arbitration for a survey which is part of a study commissioned by the European Parliament


15 Apr 2014


More updates will follow soon...!

20 Mar 2014

Compte-rendu par Benjamin CANTILLON, Principle Restructuring Manager & Credit Risk Management (Belfius)  (taken from the April Newsletter)