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 Welcome to the CEPANI ADR Academy!


Following on from the considerable success of the Arbitration Academy CEPANI is now proud to announce the launch of its new ADR Academy. The purpose of the ADR Academy is to act as an independent and privileged forum for the practical study and promotion of ADR as a means for resolving business disputes. The ambition of the Academy is to become a centre of excellence for the study, critical analysis and future development of ADR in Belgium and beyond.

The purpose of the ADR Academy is not to offer mediation or other training or accreditation. The focus of its activities is on the practical use of the full range of ADR techniques for the resolution of business disputes, with a strong emphasis on the needs of the business community and the role that ADR can play in meeting those needs.

The Academy will be of interest to all persons who are involved in the management of business disputes. This will include not only in-house legal counsel and external advisors, including members of the legal profession, but also senior company managers, risk management professionals, business consultants as well as all those who practice, or who aim to practice, as conciliators, mediators or other ADR professionals in the business world.  

The ADR Classes

The classes address different ADR techniques and issues but will follow the same basic format. Classes will begin with an address by an internationally renowned and well experienced practitioner of ADR in the field of business disputes. Following this initial address, the expert in question, assisted by the Academy’s Panel of Moderators, will lead an interactive session consisting in the application of ADR techniques to a specific set of case facts with which participants will have been provided in advance of the class. The facts of the case will be amended and adjusted in the course of the session in order to allow reaction to the changing parameters of the dispute and illustrate the full potential and scope of the various ADR techniques.  Participants will be organized in groups which will actively participate in the exercise. There will be ample opportunity for interactive exchanges with all participants, who will be invited to share their thoughts and experiences on the topics and on ADR in general.