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Disputes concerning ".be" domain names

In 2000, DNS. be, the Belgian domain name registration organization, commissioned CEPANI to work out a set of rules to resolve .be domain name disputes. A working group of experts, set up by CEPANI, tackled this task and drew up ad hoc rules governing the various phases of the proceedings.

The proceedings are characterized by their speed and by the fact that they take place online, generally without the parties having to appear before the Third-Party Decider, responsible for settling the dispute. The decisions which are taken by the Third-Party Deciders are published on the CEPANI website and forwarded to DNS .be. DNS .be then implements the decision by, for example, removing a domain name or modifying the name of the domain holder.

The Third-Party Deciders which CEPANI appoints to resolve domain name disputes are selected from a regularly updated list of experts.

A model complaint form and complaint response form can be found here.

The latest Rules for domain name dispute resolution have come into force on January 1, 2018. They are available in Dutch, French and English.