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New Co-Chairs CEPANI40 !

15 November 2017

The Cepani has appointed two new co-chairs of its below 40 organization, Sophie Goldman and Sigrid Van Rompaey.

The official handover took place at the CEPANI General Assembly in June. The new CEPANI40 co-chairs succeed Vanessa Foncke (JonesDay) and Benoît Kohl (Stibbe), whose enthusiastic efforts during their four-year term were praised in an address by the CEPANI President, Dirk De Meulemeester. Sigrid Van Rompaey, Partner at Matray, Matray & Hallet, served as Counsel at the CEPANI Secretariat from 2011-2014 and was later appointed Expert Advisor to the Secretariat. Sophie Goldman is a founding Partner of the law firm Tossens Goldman Gonne and is actively involved in CEPANI’s activities. The new co-chairs put together an auspicious Steering Committee consisting of Maarten Draye (Hanotiau van den Berg), Olivier van der Haegen (Liedekerke), Gautier Matray (Matray, Matray & Hallet), Claire Morel de Westgaver (BryanCave), Marijn De Ruyscher (Lydian), Maxime Berlingin (FieldFisher), Kevin Ongenae (JonesDay) and Emma Van Campenhoudt (Secretary General Cepani).