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What is the main difference between mediation and arbitration?

The main difference between mediation and arbitration is the fact that arbitration leads to an enforceable decision, whereas mediation, when it is successful, ends in an agreement between the parties. It is therefore important to draw the parties’ attention to the voluntary character of the agreement. The success of the mediation is in the hands of the parties, who are free to accept or reject any solution that is proposed.

What is the main difference between mediation and mini-trial?

The main difference between mediation and mini-trial lies in the difference in the composition of the mini-trial committee. In a mediation, an independent neutral mediates between the parties; a mini-trial is conducted by a committee consisting of one chair and two senior representatives of the parties. The Chair is free to consult individually with each of the party representatives.

Does CEPANI have a list of registered or approved mediators?

CEPANI does not work with a list of registered or approved mediators.
When a mediator is appointed, the Appointments Committee or the CEPANI President analyses for each case who is the most qualified person to act as mediator. In making this decision account is taken of the nature of the dispute, the language of the case, the qualifications and availabilities of the mediator, whether the case is urgent or not, the importance of the dispute … For this purpose, CEPANI can call on the skills of a number of renowned mediators.

How much do CEPANI mediation proceedings cost?

The costs for mediation proceedings include, on the one hand, the fees and costs of the mediator, and ,on the other, the administrative costs of the CEPANI Secretariat, which amount to 10% of the total fees and costs.
On receipt of the Request for Mediation, CEPANI asks the parties concerned to settle, within a period month, the advance on mediation costs. The advance is determined on the basis of the mediation fee scale, based on the amount in dispute. The advance is due in equal parts from each party.
It is important to note that CEPANI will not proceed to the nomination of the mediator until the advance on mediation costs has been paid in full.