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Welcome to the CEPANI Arbitration Academy!



The Academy in a nutshell

The world of arbitration is fueled not only by theoretical knowledge but by the ability to turn said knowledge into outstanding practice in the field. CEPANI strives to enforce the skills and qualities of counsels in arbitration, of arbitrators and experts in general. As the main centre for arbitration in Belgium, CEPANI understands the need for high standard training. Through tailored courses enhanced by case studies, multimedia materials and interactive discussions, the CEPANI Arbitration Academy offers you the knowledge and practical skills necessary for pursuing a career as a counsel in arbitration and/or as an arbitrator. The curriculum of the CEPANI Arbitration Academy has been conceived by renowned counsels, arbitration practitioners and academics. The academy aims and we dare say - succeeds - in covering the major aspects and issues encountered in national and international arbitration.

The Academy consist in  General Introduction on arbitration, followed by an Expert Level and International Level.