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These "International" Level classes are an excellent opportunity for practitioners to improve their knowledge and enhance their skills  - as counsel as well as arbitrator - in international arbitration.


•  Participants receive an exclusive binder with unique materials from real (fully anonymised) procedures, provided by several expert arbitrators

•  A selection of highly qualified "special guests" will come in person to share their experience on the subject

•  Thought-provoking video-testimonials from internationally renowned Belgian arbitration experts

• Learn from 6 different teachers in this edition alone, each and every one of them among the very best in Belgian arbitration

•  Interactive classes based on an exchange of real-life experiences and know-how

•  Challenging discussions with experts and co-participants alike

• Credits for continuing legal education

• Certificate handed by CEPANI to those who participate in all three Classes



The CEPANI Arbitration Classes will be held at the CEPANI offices on March 10, 2016 as from 13:00 until 19:00  and April 12 and May 3d, 2016, as from 14:00 to 19.00

The presentations will be in English, but participants can express themselves in English, French or Dutch as they so choose.

Information and contact:
You can reach the CEPANI secretariat at +32 2 515 08 35 or by e-mail at info [at] cepani [dot] be.