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CEPANI is the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation. As such, it offers parties in dispute the administrative assistance for their arbitration and mediation proceedings, to allow them to reach a satisfactory solution for their conflict. The Centre strives to create the appropriate legal and administrative framework for the parties, to make possible a swift and safe resolution of their dispute.

CEPANI was founded in 1969, under the auspices of the Belgian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC Belgium) and the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (VBO/FEB). Over the years, CEPANI’s reputation has steadily grown and it is now the main centre for dispute resolution in Belgium. At the heart of Brussels, amidst several important EU institutions and international organizations, CEPANI offers its services in a national as well as an international context.

CEPANI is housed in the offices of the VBO/FEB in Brussels. Its members include business people, university professors, corporate counsel, lawyers and notaries. Internationally, it maintains close relations with similar centres around the globe and promotes the city of Brussels as an arbitration hub.

CEPANI’s aims are twofold:

  • The active support of arbitration and mediation proceedings. CEPANI places at the disposal of the parties a set of rules for arbitration, mediation and other forms of ADR; it appoints independent arbitrators, mediators, experts or neutrals; it monitors the course of the proceedings and, if necessary, provides logistic and legal support services.
  • The active promotion of arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution. To this end, CEPANI regularly organises scientific lectures, colloquiums and seminars and encourages the production and publication of articles and books on the subject.

CEPANI does not itself act as arbitrator, mediator, expert or independent neutral.

Find the Articles of the Association by clicking here 

CEPANI has a long standing tradition of entering into Collaboration Agreements with renowned and leading arbitration institutions around the world . These Agreements are primarily based on the promotion of all forms of alternative dispute resolution, exchange of information and the expression of mutual recognition and friendship.

On 8 March 2016 the Board of Directors of the CEPANI decided to also enter into Partnerships with specialized Service Providers.

* * *

As CEPANI is the gateway to the Belgian Arbitration community, several enterprises have shown an interest of accessing thereto.

CEPANI has decided in favor of such requests, whilst respecting the highest standards possible.

CEPANI, as an arbitration institution, considers the standards of independence, impartiality and integrity as paramount and crucial features for its proper functioning and the threshold of the trust of its users.

For that reason, Partners of CEPANI should be enterprises with the highest standards, immaculate reputation and leaders in their field.

Partners of CEPANI cannot be party to an arbitration proceeding administered by CEPANI in any way.

Partnerships should foresee a longstanding relationship and can only be visualized in a modest and esthetic way, through the CEPANI-website, the CEPANI-Newsletter and during conferences whereby CEPANI or CEPANI40 is the leading organizer.

* * *

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On November 15, 2016 CEPANI entered into a Partnership with Wolters Kluwer Belgium for an initial period of five years.

Wolters Kluwer Belgium provides information, software and services. Our customers are legal, business, tax, accounting, finance, and HSE professionals and businesses. We help our customers to be more efficient and effective and support them in making decisions with confidence.


As an arbitration and mediation institution administrating judicial processes to resolve disputes, the founding principle of diversity and inclusion of equality is inherent to CEPANI’s core. CEPANI sees the value of diversity and inclusion as a way to gather, respect and include the different ways by which people identify, inclusive of age, colour, disability, ethnicity, gender, origin, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. CEPANI acknowledges the need to build an institutional culture that is equitable, accessible and welcoming to all.

With this in mind, CEPANI empowers its members to make an impact on their business and their surrounding world. CEPANI fosters a culture that is unconditionally inclusive, and in return, expects that its members contribute with their different perspectives, ideas and experiences, in the context of any work or activity, with a single and common purpose: to help creating more opportunities for everyone, ensuring the involvement from all, with an emphasis on those who have been historically underrepresented, and building a more inclusive and diverse future in the world of arbitration.  

CEPANI is, and will continue to be, taking a number of initiatives around diversity and inclusion to reduce existing inequalities (such as gender gaps) in the arbitration community”.


 In our quality of CEPANI members, who are involved in the practice of national and international arbitration, we acknowledge the need to build an institutional culture that is equitable, accessible and welcoming to all. To achieve this, we are committed to make our best to:

  • help creating more opportunities for everyone, irrespective of gender, religion, sexual orientation, origin, colour, nationality, disability, or socioeconomic status in the field of arbitration
  • ensure the involvement from all, with an emphasis on those who have been historically underrepresented in the arbitration community
  • reduce existing inequalities (such as gender gaps) 
  • ensure mentoring/sponsoring/support/guidance from senior and experienced arbitration practitioners towards junior and underrepresented profiles to enhance their practice
  • address bias, discrimination and harassment that represent barriers to the realisation of diversity and inclusion
  • organise regular initiatives around diversity and inclusion to raise awareness 
  • improve the profile and representation of women in arbitration (in particular, we consider that women should be appointed as arbitrators on an equal opportunity basis). In this respect, the CEPANI Board of Directors has signed the pledge for equal representation in arbitration (the “Pledge”)
  • ensure that the composition of Cepani’s Board, Secretariat, Committees and Task Forces adheres to the principles of diversity and inclusion
  • ensure that the wording of Cepani’s communications reflects inclusiveness”. 


On November 10, 2016, the CEPANI Board of Directors signed the pledge for equal representation in arbitration. By doing so CEPANI confirms its will to take all the steps reasonable to it to ensure equal representation in arbitration.


Vice Presidents

Secretary General

Honorary Presidents


Secretary General

Case Managers







CEPANI welcomes as a member any individual, from any country, who has a specific interest in arbitration and mediation.


Membership of CEPANI offers a number of benefits:

  • A reduction in the admission price to all CEPANI activities
  • A reduction in the subscription price for all CEPANI publications
  • Inclusion in the list of members published on the CEPANI website
  • The annual subscription to the Belgian journal for arbitration, b-Arbitra

However, being a member of CEPANI does not guarantee being appointed as an arbitrator.


Each membership application must be submitted to the President of CEPANI via email. The application will then be submitted to the Board of Directors at its next meeting. The Board will then decide whether the submitted applications are to be accepted.
According to the Articles of Association, each candidacy must be supported by two existing members of CEPANI.  If you do not know two CEPANI members who can support your application, please contact us.

Should you wish to become a member of CEPANI, please send an email to evc@cepani.be

The subscription fee for 2022 amounts to 255,00 EUR vat excl. (308,55 EUR vat incl.).

Your fee includes the annual subscription to the Belgian journal for arbitration, b-Arbitra.

Subsequently, please send a recent version of your curriculum vitae and ask the two existing members to send a letter informing the President of CEPANI of their support of your candidacy.

We thank you in advance for your interest in CEPANI and look forward to welcoming you at our next events!


In 2004, under the auspices of CEPANI, the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation, CEPANI40 was founded. The organisation is specifically aimed at young professionals with an interest in arbitration.

With CEPANI40, we wish to offer a forum for young persons interested in arbitration, where they can exchange views, ideas and experiences about arbitration in a friendly and informal manner. To this end, CEPANI40 organises regular meetings where practice-oriented issues are addressed by arbitration experts. This way, we work to create opportunities for young professionals to debate all aspects of the practice of arbitration and to enable them to further engage  in their area of interest.

Membership of CEPANI40 is free of charge and open to all persons under the age of 40 who have an interest in arbitration. It gives you a reduction in the admission price to all CEPANI activities

Please be aware that membership of CEPANI40 does not automatically imply membership of CEPANI itself and it does not give you the benefits of CEPANI membership.

If you are interested in becoming a CEPANI40 member and for a more detailed view of what we have to offer, please send us an email to Ms. Astrid Moreau amo@cepani.be ( with your Name, First Name and Date of birth).  Also don’t forget to register online to our Newsletter to get our invites for our upcoming academic events and networking opportunities.


Guillaume Croisant, Attorney at law, Linklaters

Lauren Rasking, Allen & Overy


Sophie Bourgois, Stibbe

Dodo Chochitaichvili, Ariga law

Bart De Bock,  Allen & Overy

Adrien Fink, Deloitte

Alexandre Hublet, White & Case

Jan Janssen, Petillion

Katherine Jonckheere, Counsel – Litigation and Disputes at bp

Lily Kengen, Tossens, Goldman Gonne

Iris Raynaud, Hanotiau & van den Berg

Beatrice Van Tornout, Liedekerke

Astrid Moreau, Legal Attaché CEPANI

Sholape Abidakun
Mohamed Abou Zeid
Amina Akobe
Mustafa Al-Obaidi
Chanysheva Alina
Elnur Aliyev
Nevin Aljia
Michiel Allaerts
Brent Apers
Ghada Arfaoui
Alexander Aristodemou
Maximilien Arnoldy
Kamran Arshad
Akobe Atchoum Aminatou
Maria Athanasiou
Louis Atyeo
Malik Baba
Glenn Baeke
Giorgia Balboa
Mostafa Barakat
Peter Barna
Joost Bats
Tine Bauwens
Niels Belaey
Marco Benatar
Johann Bensimon
Sarah Benzidi
Fauve Bex
Nicolas Biessaux
Luc Bigel
Lief Bleyen
Anthony Bochon
Sergei Bogdanov
Morgan Bonneure
Pierre- Alexandre Bosman
Andries Bots
Simon Bourg
Sophie Bourgois
Elisabeth Bousmar
Gokhan Bozkurt
Julie Braeckman
Luis Bravo
Sophie Brenard
Anne Brigot-Laperrousaz
William Brillat
Paul Bruch
Eline Buckinx
Hannelore Buelens
Julie Calaerts
Charlotte Cappellen
Hugo Cardona
Louis-Philip Cattoir
Panagiotis Chalkias
Oisin Challoner
Hadrien Chef
Alexey Chernykh
Dodo Chochitaichvili
Gaetan Chopin
Dedeepya Chowdary Unnam
Gert Christiaens
Katarzyna Chuminska
Anna Chuwen Dai
Mehmet Cihan
Yves Claeys
Colaers Stefanie
Ana Coimbra Trigo
Liselotte Collage
Govert Coppens, MCIArb
Camille Cornil
Michael Cox
Peter Craddock
Guillaume Croisant
Mehdi Cupaiolo
François Cuvelier
Mathieu Cuvellier
Olivia Cuylits
Anna Dai
Ricardo Dalmaso
Jan De Beul
Bart De Bock
Bo De Clercq
Tim De Deygere
Stijn De Dier
Rosalie De Houck
Olivia de Lovinfosse
Melanie de Marnix
Kizzy De Mota
Mario de Nitto Personè
Olivia de Patoul
Pierre De Pauw
Fryderyk de Peslin
Ludmilla de Potter d’Indoye
Marijn De Ruysscher
Léopold de Schoutheete 
Pieter De Smedt
Arno Debelle
Estelle Debouverie
Franck Debue
Constantin Dechamps
Thomas Declerck
Fanny Declercq
Quentin Declève
Louis Dehaybe
Thibault Delaey
Herbert Delahaije
Estelle Delaroque
Marie Delcourt
Jan Delen
Earvin Delgado
Nicolas Delwaide
Ineke Demaeght
Iris Demoulin
Mathias Dendievel
Karl Depypere
Lisbeth Depypere
Hannes Derijnck
Ibrahim Derinpinar
Karel Desmet
Aurélie Devillers
Maarten Devinck
Christophe Devue
Magali D’heer
Shaurya Dhoundiyal
Nicholas Diamond
Gizem Dörttepe
Thomas Douillet
Uluc Dr. Inan
Deschuttere Dries
Mateusz Dubek
Clara Ducimetiere
Morgane Durdu
Stefania Efstathiou
Munia El Harti Alonso
Burova Elena
Sébastien Elst
Vivian Elvers
Karolien Emmerechts
Ezgi Ercan
Esterzon Evelyne
Michael Farchakh
Gorissen Femke
Adrien Fink
Ganna Fokina
Geoffrey Froidbise
Florence Frühling
Bjarne Galle
Aster Gentils
Marie Georgy
Victor Ghazouani
Andreea Ghita
Shreetama GhoshRajiv
Audrey Goessens
Elena Golbert
Sophie Goldman
Patricia Maria Silva Gomes
Yemesirach Gonfa
Wendy Gonzales
Anne-Michèle Goris
Marc Gouverneur
Thomas Grandjean
Antoine Gregoire
Johanna Hädinger
William Hamerlinck
Clio Hans
Mathias Hanson
Bruno Hardy
Mohamed Hassan Negm
Katharina Heine
Brice Hennen
Sébastien Herman
Julien Hislaire
Arnaud Hoc
Julia Hoernig
Louis Hoffreumon
Sebastiaan Holslag
Koen Hoornaert
Coralie Hosse
Eva Houtave
Simon Hoyos
Alexandre Hublet
Tim Hülskötter
Jochem Hummelen
Iuliana Iancu
Lucian Ilie
François – Xavier Istace
Florian Jacques
Jerome Jacques
Arthur Jamar de Bolsée
Gaetano Jannone
Jan Janssen
Benjamin Jesuran
Juan Camilo Jimenez
Katherine Jonckheere
Brückner Katharina
Lily Kengen
Pushkar Keshavmurthy
Aleksejs Ketovs
Krystyna Khripkova
Klaartje Kinnaer
Adam Kiolle
Ramazan Kir
Joanna Kolber
Anna Kombikova
Nikita Kondrashov
Kasia Kostka
Hanna Kozachenko
Oleg Krainsky
Margarita Krasheninnikova
Markus Krings
Sagar Kulkarni
Malavika Lal
Charles-Edouard Lambert
Mohamed Lamine
Esther Lanotte
Louis Lantonnois
Marylène Lanza
Claire Larue
Mathieu Lavens
Astrid Lecomte
Nadine Lederer
Christiane Lenz
David Leys
Camille Libert
Ioanna Lida
Fierens Liesbeth
Dennis Lievens
Rubben Lindemans
Luiza Lins e Silva Dutra
Ken Lioen
Richard Liu
Philippe Loix
Jolien Loos
Victor Lopez
Maithe Lopez
Aracelly Lopez
Jake Lowther
Raquel Macedo Moreira
Kammal Machkokot
Melissa Maertens
Esther Maes
Leonard Maistriaux
Martyna Majoch
Maxime Malherbe
Benjamin Magnus
Artemis Malliaropoulou
Markiyan Malskyy
Ilaria Mancino
Mathieu Maniet
Adly Manseri
Olivier Mareschal
Bertrand Margraff
Flavia Marisi
Sarah Maria Martens
Laurent Martinot
Maureen Martins
Francesca Mastragostino
José Rafael Mata Dona
Olga Matiychuk
Jeroen Maudens
Arnauw Maurits
Ismet Osman Mavus
Bénédicte Mélot
Marcin Menkes
Céline Mergeay
Jean-Baptiste Meyrier
Ahmed Meziou
Pierre -Noé Milcamps
Vijay Mishrarajiv
Hosein Mohebi
Astrid Moreau
Tainá Moreira
Mathias Morissens
Eoin Moynihan
Jean-Claude Munitu
Stéphanie Nachsem
Lilit Nagapetyan
Léa Naud
Tjark Neumann
Céline Niemietz
Diego Noesen
Antoine Nokerman
Emily Nordin
Kenny Nsimba-Masiya
Niels Onderbeke
Kevin Ongenae
Emilie Ooms
Uka Oriola
Pegah Pakzadisfahan
Daniela Palacios
Dimitra Maria Palaiologou
Pratyush Panjwani
Karen Paridaen
Sebastian Partida
Valentina Pavusek
Alexander Pchelin
Charlotte Peiffer
Sara Pendjer
Alessandro Pepe
Patricia Pimentel
Sébastien Popijn
Olivier Populaire
Lynn Pype
Lauren Rasking
Mauricio Ramirez
Aravamudhan Ulaganathan Ravindran
Iris Raynaud
Stijn Reniers
Katharina Riedl
Alexandre Rigolet
Evelina Roegiers
Alexander Roels
Friedrich Rosenfeld
Lydie Roulleaux
Mathilde Rousseau
Enida Rrapaj
Ella Rutter
Iurii Rybak
Ahmet Cevdet Sahin
Maryam Salehijam
Jafar Samdani
Juan Manuel Sanchez Pueyo
Shivani Sanghi
Giorgio Sassine
Laura Savonet
Matthias Schelkens
Sabrine Schnyder
Philipp Schwarz
Geraldine Scraeyen
Johannes Seel
Stéphanie Seeuws
Mitchell Selie
Dmitry Semashko
Anne-Louise Servais
Hadrien Servais
Khushboo Shahdadpuri
Hosna Sheikhattar
Priyanka Shetty
Flavia Silvestroni
Glenn Smet
Brecht Smeets
Patricia Snell
Snyers d’Attenhoven  Victoria
Svinkovskaya Sofiya
Eriola Sovali
Mark Stadnyk
Alizée Stappers
Olga Stelmakh
Benjamin Stevens
Karolien Stiers
Ioana Stoicescu
Danaë Stove
Heleen Struyven
Wing Cheung Su-Yi Leung
Selin Suntay
Ahmed Tayane
Sam Tecle
Marta Testagrossa
Willem Theus
Jonas Thierens
 Laura Tielemans
Apolline Tielens
Selma Tiric
Yannick Tshudi
Nathan Tulkens
Sherlin Tung
Sebastian Tytgat
Eline Ulrix
Gisèle Uwera
Sophie Vaessen
Jonathan van Blaaderen
Damien Van Caelenberg
Heleen Van Cauwenberge
Inès Van Cayzeele
Veronique Van den Berg
Albert Jan Junior Van den Berg
Quentin Van den Eynde
Olivier van der Haegen
Bram Van Eeckhout
Evelien Van Espen
Pieter-Jan Van Goethem
Egidius Van Heddeghem
Arie Van Hoe
Sander Van Loock
Lydie Van Muylem
Valentina Van Opdenbosch
Virginie Van Overbeke
Sigrid Van Rompaey
Beatrice Van Tornout
Olivier Van Wouwe
Thijs Vancoppernolle
Cyro Vangoidsenhoven
Thibaut Vandermeiren
Nicolas Vanderstappen
Jonathan Vanderstichele
Zeno Vanregemorter
Chanel Vanstaen
Kim Vanthoor
Michiel Vanwynsberghe
Milena Varga
Hari Vastav
Dorothée Vermeiren
Inès Vermeiren
Jari Vermeulen
Nicolas Vermeulen
Jonathan Verslyppe
Cederic Veryser
Ester Vets
Tarunima Vijra
Kanwar Vivswan
Tom Vos
Barbara Warwas
Dirk Wiegandt
Emmelie Wijckmans
Wim Wijsmans
Morgane Willekens
Adrien Willocx
Manda Wilson
Volodymyr Yaremko
Hamid Reza Younesi
Nicola Zenoni
Krystallia-Maria Zisaki
David Zygas

President of the working group:

Working group:

President of the working group:

Working group:

The Board took the initiative to create a Diversity and Inclusion study group, co-chaired by Sophie Goldman and Werner Eyskens. The objective of the working group is to look at the situation within CEPANI’s different fields of activity, to analyse it in comparison with other organisations and to formulate concrete proposals to improve diversity within CEPANI, if necessary.

Co-presidents of the working group:

Working group:

President of the working group:

Working group:

President of the working group:

Working group:

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