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Langues: Français, Anglais

Michel Berger is an independent French national Expert, with legal skills, in multiple fields of finance and banking, valuation of shares, valuation of damages, governance, and an Arbitrator.

He his highly experienced with public Courts as a Courts’ Expert and with Arbitration Tribunals as an Expert Witness (ICSID, ICC, SCAI) in damages & finance or as an Arbitrator (ad hoc – incl. expedited proceedings).

He is, in particular, skilled and experienced in partnership dispute resolutions with a rare multiple qualification : as an Arbitrator, as a Court’s Expert, as a Consultant and as a Referee of Expert’s binding determinations.

He benefits from 48 years of experience.

He is a qualified Civil Engineer, holds a degree in economics and finance, a Research Certificate in law and a Master’s in business law.

He is Chair of the EFFAS Arbitration Board from the 15 th of August 2002, for two years. EFFAS is the umbrella organization of the European Associations of Financial Analysts.

He is a past Chair of the French Court Finance Expert Association (2011-2014; prev. Vice Chair).

He is also a past Senior Investment and Corporate Banker and a past Head of a Financial Research Department.

Michel Berger has authored an article on damages in international contract law (IBLJ no 4 2004) and a book on the european telecommunication law. He has lectured on ADR & Expert opinion at Orleans University, France, M2 on litigation, and he has also lectured on commercial damages at the Paris Bar School. He is a past member of the French Association for Arbitration (AFA) working groups. He has chaired several Arbitration Tribunals for international arbitration moots (ICC, CEPANI).