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The past decade has witnessed the expansion of litigation funding services, whereby funders offer to pay all the costs and undertake all the risk of a litigation in exchange of a success fee. Generally speaking, most funders will only be paid after the successful completion of a case (enforcement). If the case is lost, the litigation funder receives nothing (‘no cure, no pay’). Historically, litigation funding originates from common law jurisdictions. It however becomes more commonly used in continental Europe, especially in arbitration proceedings as demonstrated by the recent modification of the ICC Arbitration Rules which now refer to funding.

Why would a company make use of third-party funding for its one-to-one claims?


Does it work for all claims?


How does it work and what are the steps from initial assessment to closing of the funding?


What are the rights of the funder in the arbitration process and how to handle the lawyer/funder relationship?

These and many other questions will be addressed during a lunch debate with Olivia de Patoul, Senior Legal Counsel of Deminor Recovery Services.


Welcome and introduction: Benoît Kohl, Président du CEPANI, Voorzitter van CEPANI


Moderator: Dirk De Meulemeester, Erevoorzitter van CEPANI/ Président honoraire du CEPANI

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    Wanneer/Quand/ When: 17.02.2022 12.00-14.00


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